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About us

Brigitte Jentzsch 67705 Trippstadt Neuhof Eschhebelloch 20 Mobil: 06306 9926699 E-mail:


About us

Miniature Bull Terriers live together with us, every day looking forward to going for a walk, the garden and have more family final.

Our dogs are integrated in their environment by many differently designed walks with other dogs, socialized and are accustomed to all things in daily life.

We consider this very important to properly develop a Bull Terrier and live out his zest for life, can relax but also by our care of the daily environmental stimuli.

Each is a distinct personality and we go into character differences like to distribute the cuddly units - has 24 hours of our day with the dogs.

As a thank you we will receive joy again every day and no day is routine.

Short - a life with Miniature Bullterrier is fun!

1975 was the first Bull Terrier in the House, so that we can rely on decades of experience with this breed.

We have been breeding in the 1st German Club for Bull Terrier - DCBT - VDH/FCI
We've had our kennel name "Enchanted Glen" 2012 international protect us.